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Stansted Parking Deals

Stansted Parking

Parking at Stansted Airport is always difficult, not to mention expensive. However choosing Stansted Airport hotels with parking facilities offers you an alternative with many advantages.

Parking Charges

Flying is a necessary part of most travel plans these days, but it does have its problems:

  • Your personal or business travel costs are already high without adding the exorbitant airport parking charges. Read More

Park, Sleep and Fly at Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport

A park, sleep and fly package offers a massive amount of convenience for travellers. Many Stansted hotels are now operating parking areas where guests can park their vehicles before heading out on a flight. This allows the hotel to park the vehicle for their guests, give them a great room to rest in, then shuttle them to the airport in time for their flight. DeSalis is perfectly located to be able to do this, just a couple of miles from the Airport we are also confident that we offer great value too.

So if you are travelling from Stansted and want a hassle free experience then this could be perfect for your needs.

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Need to Park at Stansted Airport?

Airplane Stansted Airport

When you need to park at Stansted Airport, you can either go it alone or take advantage of a nearby hotel. Most people get the best deals by combining a stay at the hotel with their required parking services, but many hotels will accommodate your parking needs without an overnight stay. This makes it very convenient to get through your travels with peace of mind and less stress.

Park at Stansted – Short Stay

What do you do when you need to park at Stansted for an hour or perhaps just overnight for a very brief trip out of town?

  • You could park in the airport parking areas but the expenses can be more than your budget allows.
  • The better alternative is to find a nearby hotel that has a park and fly package.
  • This allows you to park at Stansted with all the convenience and less of the expense of airport parking.

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Stansted Airport Information

Airplane Stansted Airport

Many of our visitors are interested in getting more information about Stansted Airport.

It is one of the UK’s busiest airports and is located at Stansted Mountfitchet, Uttlesford, about 48km north-east of central London and easily accessible from the M11.

Stansted Airport background information

  • In 1931, the location where Stansted Airport stands was known as a private airfield owned by the Home Counties Aviation Services.
  • It eventually acquired additional structures such as its first terminal, taxiways and aprons.
  • 20 years later, it stands with a newly acquired 2000 feet runway, covered pier that links to the airline terminals as well as the terminals that incorporate rail stations to aircraft’s, which were considered first of their kind in the UK and are now considered as standards to airport design.
  • Stansted airport’s background information shows how it has always been at the forefront of development.

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History of Stansted Airport

Stansted airport history

Stansted Airport is home to 41 airlines, and is the UK’s 4th largest airport, servicing 22.8 million passengers a year.

The history of includes gaps in services, since its origins as a crucial USAAF base, which dates back to 1943 and World War II.

Stansted Airport as a USAAF base

  • The airfield was originally used as a bomber airfield and maintenance depot for B-26 aircraft until D-Day.
  • While the B-26 operations were moved to France after the withdrawal of the Americans, the location was used for housing German prisoners of war from March 1946 to August of 1947.
  • It wasn’t until 1949 that the history of Stansted Airport changed the identity of the past and started its destined path as a base for UK charter airlines, finally coming under control of BAA in 1966.

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All the know about Hotel and Parking Packages

Stansted parking charges

There are many hotels and parking options near Stansted Airport and it can be an economical way to travel. Here is some useful information to help you to choose the right one.

Parking options near Stansted Airport

Shuttle service for Hotel Parking Packages Here are a few of the many parking options available:

  • Long and mid stay parking
  • Short stay parking
  • Stansted valet parking
  • Stansted Airport hotel parking

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Flying out from Stansted Airport

driving to stansted airport

When choosing an airport, you want one that will cater to your needs and has top notch support. So why not give Stansted Airport a try? Thousands of people pass through this airport each and every day.

History of Stansted Airport

  • Originally Stansted Airport was used as a bomber base during the second world war.
  • The facility has since been used as a prisoner of war camp and a training facility for aviators.
  • Years later it was finally turned into a civilian airport, allowing people to travel to and from the United States as well as many other destinations.

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Stansted Airport Hotel and Parking

stansted airport parking

Are you planning a vacation or business trip and flying out of Stansted Airport? Do you need a Stansted Airport hotel and parking? Are you planning on driving in the night before and staying at hotel that is close to the airport? If so you might want to consider leaving your car in the hotel parking lot rather than trying to park at the airport itself.

The problem: Stansted Airport parking

For those of you have been to Stansted airport before, or any busy airport for that matter you know how crowded these airports can be and the crowded condition inside the airport is nothing compared with trying to find a space in one of the airport parking lots.

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Finding the Best Hotel by Stansted Airport

When booking an accommodation in hotels near Stansted Airport, you need to take several things into account. There are a variety of hotels and bed and breakfast establishments in the area, but some are much better than others.

DeSalis Stansted Hotel Following are some quick tips that help you ensure that you find the best hotels near Stansted Airport:

  • Decide between a Hotel or bed and breakfast establishment
  • Check availability of the rooms
  • Book your room online

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Choosing a Hotel at Stansted Airport

There are several different considerations to take into account when choosing a hotel at Stansted Airport, depending on your requirements.

Staying at a hotel at Stansted Airport before your flight

  • If you are travelling abroad and need to be at the airport early in the morning, then you might want to consider spending the night before at a hotel near the airport instead.
  • The rates at airport hotels are usually quite reasonable and the convenience that they afford is more than worth the cost.
  • There is nothing worse than setting off on a holiday with little or no sleep, which means that you go out to the airport in a rush and have the constant feeling that you have left something behind.
  • You can avoid the worries about traffic delays by staying overnight at a hotel at Stansted Airport and start your holiday stress free.

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